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How to prevent the appearance of acne

There are various causes of acne, and today the team of Beauty specialists at KōAN BEAUTY LAB, the KōAN CLUB's personal image laboratory, want to explain to you:

To begin with and the most common and normal are:

Hormonal Changes, Certain Medications and Sweat.

Pimple and acne are a problem that can appear at any time in life. It IS true that it is more frequent during adolescence and youth, although sometimes there are types of acne that can appear at any time.

Knowing the origin of acne is crucial to knowing how to treat it in the most effective way, since it is not only about taking care of our skin and keeping it clean and healthy, but it is also about balancing our interior. to work the beauty INside OUT.

What we do have to understand is that acne-prone skin needs a lot of care, a lot of cleaning and non-aggressive daily routines and with the right products!

Causes that cause the appearance of acne

- Internal/external humidity

- Type of food

- Use of certain products, especially oily ones

Skin care to prevent the appearance of acne

Acne can appear in anyone, but there are a series of cares for your skin that you can carry out to prevent its appearance:

- Follow a daily skin care and cleansing routine, especially the face

– Remove makeup every night so that the skin can breathe and it is completely clean of adverse external particles

– Wash your skin when you finish exercising, since sweat can cause acne breakouts

– Avoid contact of hair on the face

- Use specific cosmetic products that do not dry out the skin

– Avoid excessively greasy cosmetics.

– Take care of your diet, avoid chocolates, milk, fatty or sugary foods.

- A good night's rest will balance the endocrine system, so it will regulate your hormones in the blood.

- Draining, either with massages, pressotherapy or doing anaerobic exercise, is practically a must that you should establish in your weekly routine.

Cabin treatments to improve the condition of acne-prone skin.

If your problem with acne does not improve with your routine at home, it is necessary that you request a diagnostic visit with us so that we can determine the cause and propose a specific treatment for your type of acne.

In some cases we will have to complement the acne treatment with supplementation and masks at home that we will prepare you to follow the treatment at home and destroy the bacteria.

Some salon treatments can dry out the oils in the skin or cause flaking of the top layer of the skin, causing a small reddening or flaking of the skin, which disappears in 24-48h.

Specific treatments to improve acne

At KōAN we work combining various treatments for acne, depending on its cause and how each person evolves.

The rest time between one treatment and another is usually about 21 days, since it is the time it takes for skin cells to regenerate.

We leave you below the link to the treatments that we recommend for acne, but remember that it is always, always better to request a 1st diagnostic visit so that the Beauty specialists team accompany you in this process so that it is really effective.


This 4-session Bonus is designed to perform 1 session per week and provide the dermis with a fresher, healthier, healthier appearance.


The skin of the face is always very exposed and, therefore, taking care of it is not too much. A facial cleansing can be the solution for those impurities that bother you so much and thus achieve a smooth and uniform texture


Colour is used, through a monochromatic beam, to correct imperfections and damage to the skin.


This treatment is totally personalized where we treat acne with active ingredients vitamins B, C and A as needed at the time of treatment.


PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. It consists of using the resources of the human body through its own blood. It is a very effective rejuvenation treatment.


Benefits: Skin health, oxygenation and cleansing of the dermis, prevention of skin aging, favoring cell renewal and firming effect

Guidelines to improve acne in a simple way

We know that suffering from acne, apart from affecting our external appearance, can cause emotional stress, therefore, we advise you to always put yourself in expert hands, since going through this stage with a specialist who teaches you to know your body and your skin, is always the best option, because there is no better remedy than knowing ourselves very well to know how to balance ourselves at all times.

Once you know your skin, your emotions and your body, follow these recommendations and little by little, you will notice how it improves:

1.- Deep cleansing: Keeping your face clean is very important to improve acne, don't forget to wash it especially after exercising, since sweat causes acne to appear. Do not touch your face excessively and apply a scrub once a week. Removing impurities completely will make your skin breathe better.

2.- Use suitable and specific products for your skin type: We each have a certain skin type, the products that a person uses do not have to work for you, so it is recommended that you know well what type of skin skin you have and what types of products are the ones that will work best for you in the treatment of the appearance of acne.

3.- Eat a healthy diet: Believe it or not, diet greatly influences the appearance of acne, eating a healthy and balanced diet is a guarantee to improve acne. Avoid fatty foods, sugars and incorporate fruits and vegetables into your day to day. Drinking 2 liters of water a day will also make your acne improve.

4.- Get rid of stress: Stress is the worst enemy of acne, so as far as possible, stay relaxed, sleep 8 hours a day, take care of your diet and do some physical activity that helps you disconnect from problems from day to day.

5.- Do not touch the pimples: Do not touch the pimples because it will make them worse, just apply the solutions that our specialist has sent you.

6.- Be constant: To put an end to the appearance of acne, it is necessary that you be constant, take or apply the treatment that you have been sent as indicated by our specialist.

The best way to get rid of acne, perseverance

If you follow all the recommendations that we have shown you, little by little your acne will improve, it is something that takes time and you must be constant and patient, but thanks to the multitude of acne treatments that exist today, We are sure there is the perfect solution for you.

Do not hesitate to request a diagnostic appointment with our BEAUTY SPECIALISTS team so that we can start your challenge.

Suffering from acne can be tiring, not only because it affects your physical appearance, but also because it can affect you emotionally, but we can convey peace of mind because with current treatments, it will be a matter of time before it disappears.

We are waiting for you!

KōAN CLUB - 663 219 641 - Sant Medir 10 - BCN SANTS

KōAN BEAUTY LAB - 623 310 883 - Flor de Lliri 4 - BCN el BORN

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