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It is the latest generation regenerative treatment, to put an end to flaccidity and reverse the aging process produced.


La principal propiedad de este tratamiento es la renovación de las células que componen la membrana celular (la capa profunda de the skin), providing a much younger appearance.

In just one week the cells of the face will have been renewed by applying the combination of these Serums daily.


This treatment is capable of connecting the cells with each other, firming the skin, eliminating aged cells and favoring the absorption of minerals.


In addition, it is a powerful anti-inflammatory with disinfectant properties .


This treatment works as a quick and effective repairer, restorer and regenerator of tissues, helping to prevent the loss of cells that cause people to age.

Este tratamiento consiste en proporcionar los niveles adecuados delas sustancias activas imprescindibles para lograr un proceso auto-regenerativo delas células, capable of acting on the RNA and DNA chain, which manages to maintain the youth of the face, neck, neckline or hands for much longer.

Immediate Self-Lifting

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  • What is DMAE in cosmetics?

    El DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) is a choline analog that acts topically at three levels: it increases the release of acetylcholine in the dermis, it increases water retention in the dermis and increases the synthesis of collagen and dermal GAGs.


    • It is lipid soluble, so it is incorporated into cell membranes.
    • It is a powerful UVB absorber.
    • Reduces DNA damage.
    • It is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory.


    The combination of the 2 active ingredients makes this treatment effective, since we activate the generation of new collagen and our cell membrane is able to retain it. 

    A treatment of 10!

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