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The main property of this Serum is the  renewal of the cells  that make up the cell membrane (the deep layer of the skin), providing much younger looking.

In just one week, the cells of the face will have been renewed by applying this Serum daily.


It is capable of connecting cells to each other, firming the skin, eliminating aged cells and favoring the absorption of minerals.

In addition, it is a powerful anti-inflammatory with disinfectant properties .

Who do we recommend it to?


To all people with flaccidity and sagging who need to radically renew their face.


Composition:  Active DMAE, Aloe Arborescense Juice, Sodium PCA, Phenonip.

Format : 50ml

AMD Serum

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  • What is DMAE in cosmetics?

    El DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) is a choline analog that acts topically at three levels: it increases the release of acetylcholine in the dermis, it increases water retention in the dermis and increases the synthesis of collagen and dermal GAGs.


  • We manufacture lots of serums monthly according to demand, so they will never arrive in poor condition.

    Being active ingredients, it may happen that they do not smell like perfume, which does not mean that they are in poor condition, on the contrary, it means that we have not added anything more than the active ingredient and the aloe Vera base, so that the product is as more natural and effective than it can be.

    Products shipped will not be exchanged. 

    Get advice on which product you need before making your purchase. 

    Thanks and enjoy your new skin. 

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