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Cosmetic Craft Atelier & Beauty Club

KōAN BEAUTY LAB is the Cosmetic Craft Atelier of KōAN CLUB.

With a Beauty Box of Bio•aesthetic treatments, Bio•aesthetic medicine, aesthetics's & removed tattoo.

Our courses and workshops are designed so that we learn to know ourselves better and create those products that vibrate with our emotions and our skin.


Create your products without toxic, respectful with the environment and refill the cans so as not to generate waste.

We teach you to take care of yourself and the planet!


At the KōAN LAB we also do free facial diagnoses so you can choose your ViBėS.

ViBėS by KōAN is the Bio-molecular Cosmetics of KōAN Club .

Jabones caseros

Reduce your environmental footprint with the refillable serum from
ViBėS by KōAN

KōAN club's natural, BiO-MOLECULAR cosmetics, in addition to being effective, are sustainable. For this reason, in all our ViBėS by KōAN serums, you will find the recharge format. 
Low density polypropylene (LDPE)* refill containers are disposable and ideal for taking on the go. 
When you finish one of your serums, you only have to buy its environmentally friendly refill and put its content in the original container, with which, in addition to saving, you contribute to protecting resources, enhancing the active ingredients by putting them back in their container. original boosted with H frequencies 528Hz and 432 Hz.  and demonstrates how easy sustainability can be. 

ViBėS by KōAN is Cellular Nutrition.

It is the KōAN Club Bio-molecular Cosmetics.

Our serums are made exclusively with natural active ingredients, reaching the highest purity value on a nano-molecular basis, allowing their penetration until they reach the cell membrane.

Nature in its purest form

All our boats are powered with 528Hz and 432Hz frequencies.

The frequencies of happiness and cell regeneration.

We periodically manufacture according to demand in our certified natural cosmetics laboratory located in Madrid with Yolanda Quintana in charge of the formulation.


We do not store stock so that the product is always of the highest purity without any preservative or anything harmful to your cells. 

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