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Melanin is intended to prevent damage to the deeper layers of the skin. That is, it has a defensive capacity which acts as a filter preventing the penetration of ultraviolet rays.


Melanin is undoubtedly one of the most important substances in our body.


Another advantage of melanin, especially for those who have more of it, is that makes the skin look younger compared to light-skinned people, because its face is damaged more slowly because of this protection of melanin.


La melanina activa logra una tonalidad homogénea de la piel, eliminando las manchas causadas por el sol, combatiendo la peeling of the skin.


Who do we recommend it to?


To those people who have little melanin and who need to protect themselves from the sun to avoid the appearance of spots and to mitigate current spots.


Composition: Melatonin, Melamine peroxide, Melampyrum Roseum Extract, Aloe Arborescens Leaf Juice, Phenonip.


Format: 50ml


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  • We manufacture lots of serums monthly according to demand, so they will never arrive in poor condition.

    Being active ingredients, it may happen that they do not smell like perfume, which does not mean that they are in poor condition, on the contrary, it means that we have not added anything more than the active ingredient and the aloe Vera base, so that the product is as more natural and effective than it can be.

    Products shipped will not be exchanged. 

    Get advice on which product you need before making your purchase. 

    Thanks and enjoy your new skin. 

  • Melanins are biopolymers with a complex chemical structure and are the main pigment responsible for the color of skin and hair. So it is a natural pigment of the skin.

    It is produced from melanocytes, a group of specialized cells that are located at the base of the epidermis and in the hair follicle. These cells, in turn, create granules, which are melanosomes and are transferred to neighboring keratinocytes when they are full of pigment.


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